SupportU Solutions is proud to offer next-generation, cloud-based Customer Service Delivery. This technology enables greater flexibility and efficiencies across client programs. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of security and regulatory compliance. Our Social Listening programs keep clients connected to customer feedback. SupportU’s AI-based analytics increase Customer Satisfaction while providing clear and focused insights to deliver an immediate impact. We evolve and scale our clients with our adaptive delivery model, designed to save time and money.


Swift configuration, testing and deployment, seamless updates and immediate access to the latest technology features and functions.


Customers and data are safe with the SupportU 24/7 support and guaranteed uptime.

Customization and Flexibility

SupportU provides each client a highly customized solution that evolves and scales according to their needs.


100 % of calls are recorded. Custom reporting documentation with insightful analysis and complete visibility.

Omni Channel Delivery

Effective customer service cannot be held to a single platform. Customers have different ways of communicating, so whether its via phone, text, email or chat, the SupportU Team will help you build service solutions that meet your customers when, where and how they are most comfortable communicating.

Social Listening

By listening and collecting your company mentions or related travel mentions, social listening will allow you to:
• Know what’s said about your brand in real time.
• Track social media mentions on every platform (all in one place.)
• Analyze metrics to find trends.
• Prevent serious brand crisis.
• Increase customer acquisition.
• Improve your online reputation in providing better customer service.
• Produce reports to use social proof and internal business improvement.